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Helen plays a huge role in Heidi’s success and juggles supporting her daughter at events with managing the livery yard at home. She is chief lorry driver, groom, supporter and sponsor, dedicating a huge amount of her time to helping Heidi achieve her ambitions. Helen used to event herself but has since swapped horses for a steadier ride; her electric bike!

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Heidi is very grateful for the support that her father gives her. Without all his hard work on his dairy farm, Heidi wouldn’t be able to compete at the level she does today. Being a dairy farmer means that Heidi is lucky enough to keep all her horses onsite and her father provides her with the haylage to feed he horses all year round. 




Since Heidi started eventing in 2013, Junior Team Trainer Caroline has provided invaluable support and guidance. Her knowledge and dedication is second to none; essential in helping Heidi become the confident competitor she is today. As Heidi’s long-standing trainer, she knows each of Heidi’s horses personally and knows exactly how to get the best out of each partnership. Heidi also has Caroline to thank for putting her in contact with a number of her horses, including Royal Fury.



Head Girl

Heather, 22,  joined the team in spring 2020. She has been a great addition to the team and will turn her hand to anything, not only is she great with the horses but a great support to Heidi in helping her achieve her goals. Team Coy would be really stuck without her!




Bob is a complete professional who has taken the time to get to know each of Heidi’s horses and adapts his shoeing to suit their individual needs. He not only shoes the horses beautifully and pays excellent attention to detail but is also super reliable and comes at the shortest notice to replace lost shoes. Heidi really appreciates the time and support Bob invests in her and her horses both at home and at events and is really grateful for his sponsorship of the legend that is Royal Fury.



Equine Physiotherapist

Jane is a valuable member of the team and Heidi can always feel the difference in her horses after she has visited. A fully qualified equine physiotherapist, Jane makes sure that all of Heidi’s horses are comfortable, identifying and resolving any tension and twinges before they turn into problems. She is essential in ensuring the horses are happy, comfortable and able to perform to the very best of their ability.

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Dressage Trainer

Since 2014, Heidi has seen her dressage come on in leaps and bounds thanks to Ian’s expert tuition. His attention to detail and ability to identify each horse’s strengths and areas for development has led to an improvement in Heidi’s dressage scores. From establishing dressage foundations in her youngsters to fine-tuning her top horses before big events, Heidi always comes away from a lesson with him feeling like she has learned a lot.

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